RCK Credit Consulting Services can help you increase, build, repair, and correct your complete credit file. We set you up with your own personal username and login, monitor your results 24/7

People of every credit level come to us including; no credit, bad credit, fair credit, and good credit ranging from 0-750 FICO scores. They all come to us regarding one or more of the following items:


• Increase in Fico Scores on all 3 credit bureaus

• Collection Accounts

• Late Payments

• Before and After Bankruptcy

• Before and After Foreclosure

• Before or After Repossessions

• Overwhelming Debt

• Pre Marriage or Divorce Clean Up

• Poor Credit History

• First-Time Homeowner

• Delinquency Problems

• Loss of Job/Reduction in Income

• Etc. 

975 N. Main St. (Lower Level), Rockford, Illinois, 61103, United States
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